Young Carers Youth Panel

The aim of our Young Carers Youth Panel (YCYP) is to bring together young carers from different areas of Oxfordshire to help grow our services from peer lead feedback and give opportunities for our Young Carers to campaign collectively on the issues that are important to them.

The YCYP is also a space for young carers to come together and share advice and skills – “Empowering Voices & Transforming Lives whilst Advocating, Connecting & Thriving Together”.

Our YCYP is peer lead with the support of our Senior Young Carers Youth Workers, an added area of opportunity on top of our pre existing services for our 13+ Youth Groups.

Many of them have also recently been involved in the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Young and Young Adult Carers Inquiry conducted by the Carers Trust. This included sending a video and letter written by young carers and signed by over 1,200 young carers across several young carer charities in the UK, including our young carers too. The letter calls for action to improve the support for Young Carers to enable them all to have fairer futures.

Meet some of our amazing YCYP members below –


My names Mason and I’m studying electrical engineering , this is a 4 year course and includes 2 years of college where I complete assignments , explore and understand health & safety methods and ways of work to keep myself safe and to successfully complete start to finish adequate work . Most of my hands on work is taken place on site when I’m not at college . At home I care for my older brother ,ways I do this is by showing and guiding methods to approach a task  such as washing his own clothes in the washing machine or how to possibly spend money at the shop without overspending or buying unnecessary items . Most of what I do is day to day tasks that can possibly been a struggle for my brother but with a little help he then understands and remembers how to do this task so eventually he can then achieve this task by himself which boosts his confidence and self esteem easing him into being a more competent person himself . Me and my brother take part in activities together such as playing on the Xbox or watching tv together or going out to the park or for a walk .In my spare time when I’m not with my brother I like to play sports or go for walks either alone or with my border collie dog buddy . I play for rugby team in my local area , we train twice a week and sometimes we have a game on the weekend which can be really enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about myself!

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My names Beth I’m a 16 year old girl and I’m currently studying to do early years. It’s something that to me feels best as I’m helping others to learn and know about life. My hobbies are netball and baking. The people I care most about are my Mum, Dad, Jack and my nephew Blazee. 

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Emilia Light

Hi, my name is Emilia, I am 13 years old and I care for my twin sister who has Autism.

My hobbies include cooking, colouring and drama.

Some of my caring responsibilities are getting her up in the morning, making sure she has all her clothes and things she needs and making sure she is where she needs to be, but I also do things like helping her calm down and taking her out of stressful situations.

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