Mental Health Advice

2 in 3 of the Young Carers registered with us experience some type of mental health difficulty.

Growing up is a time of change and can have many challenges, especially in today’s world. Exams, political unsettlement, climate change, and pressure from friends, family and social media are just some of the factor’s teenagers face alongside their development to adulthood. For our young carers, the responsibility adds an additional level.

Our Support Workers have received Mental Health First Aid for Youth training from Mental Health First Aid England. They are happy to recommend mental health resources to our young carers. Below are outlined several common mental health disorders. We hope you find this useful to further your understanding of mental health.

For those seeking for more support and additional help, please visit our Resources & Helplines page here.


Everyone experiences times when they feel low. If these feelings last a long time, keep coming back, interfering with your life, it could be a sign of depression

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Most people feel ancious from time to time but it can become a problem when it begins to affect your everyday life

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Stress can become a problem if it overwhelms you. Read our useful tips to help you cope

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Self Harm

For Support & Resources to deal with Self Harm

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Eating Disorders

For Support & Resources to deal with Eating Disorders

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Further Support

For more support and additional helplines

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