We are proud members of the YC Alliance

Even after the introduction of formal rights for young carers in the Children’s Act 1989 and reaffirmed in Children & Families Act 2014, thousands of children and young people are still being negatively affected by the impact of their caring responsibilities. From their education, their health and wellbeing, to the opportunities and career pathways available to them.

Be Free Young Carers are part of The Young Carers Alliance to combat these issues that still occur for young carers and their families.

“The Young Carers Alliance is a growing network of over 100 organisations and 200 individuals committed to changing this and improving the support available for young carers, young adult carers and their families.

We bring together representatives from research, policy and practice, all of whom are committed to bringing about improved outcomes for all young carers.

The Young Carers Alliance provides opportunities for collaboration, sharing best practice and a strong, collective voice for young carers.” – Young Carers Alliance, 2022

Resources for Schools

Help for schools to prepare for the change

The Young Carers Alliance has produced some free resources for schools to help them prepare for the addition of young carers to the school census. The resources cover what schools can do in order to identify as many of their young carers as possible as well as how schools can play their part in ensuring every young carer gets the support they need.