Counselling Service

About our Counselling Service

Our Counselling Service is a separate programme from our Emotional Support Service, provided by our Be Free YC Youth Counsellor Linda. 6 sessions of 45 minutes duration is given to our young carers initially, with more considered if necessary. Linda’s role is to offer a safe confidential space in which the young carer might feel safe enough to explore the issues/problems they are struggling with. Through Linda’s knowledge and counselling skills, we attempt to encourage and empower the young carer to make any changes possible either physically or in their cognitive approach to their life and to the issues they bring to the counselling sessions.

As our counsellor will embarking on a relationship with a young person under the age of consent, it is necessary for us to obtain the permission of the parent/guardian. Once this is successfully in place, arrangements will be made with the school attended by the young carer, for a safe space to be made available for the sessions.

Each session is regularly reviewed with the young carer in order to make sure they are getting what they need from the sessions and to ascertain if possible whether the young carer is likely to need six or eight or more sessions. A range of resources is used to enable the young carer to explore their feelings, and in some instances to tell their story.

Whilst a Confidentiality Contract with the young carer is put in place, this by necessity has limitations when working with young people. This is explained to the young carer and discussed thoroughly with them if a disclosure is made or a safeguarding issue is suspected.

Linda engages with regular monthly clinical supervision in line with the BACP code of Ethics and Good Practice.

Accessing our Counselling Service

In order to be referred to our Counselling Service, our Senior YC Youth Workers will liaise with our Counsellor through a case by case process, regularly meeting to discuss any emerging issues of concern regarding our Young Carers.

As always we welcome families to make contact with us regarding any changes of circumstances or concerns that have and this will be promptly looked into, with appropriate action put in place to support our Young Carers.