Case Studies

Jimmy, 14 years old

Jimmy lives with his mum and brother Ben who is severely autistic. Even though Jimmy is the youngest he has to act like an older brother most of the time. Jimmy is Ben’s only friend and they like playing together, but it always has to be Ben’s game and Jimmy often feels frustrated that Ben doesn’t understand his wants and feelings. Jimmy cannot have friends’ round because of Ben and mum is often busy helping Ben so he does his homework by himself and often gets his own breakfast. He helps mum get things ready so they can leave the house on time, as Ben has a long routines. Jimmy gives his mum lots of hugs as she is often tired and stressed from helping Ben.

Be Free Young Carers has given Jimmy the opportunity to meet other young carers who have siblings with autism and/or other learning difficulties. He feels understood when with them and can talk about what frustrates and confuses him openly. He also loves getting out the house on our trips!

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Safia, 14 years old

Safia lives with her parents and 3 sisters, one of whom, Anika, has a has a rare condition that means she can’t see or hear very well and sometimes has seizures. Anika is very anxious and does not like change or leaving the house. She refuses to go to school and her parents worry a lot about her. Safia loves Anika but has to do a lot for her, and has to look after her other siblings while their parents are helping Anika. Safia needs to study for school but is often tired or busy caring for her siblings, so she doesn’t get much school work done at home. She wishes she had more time to go out and see her friends but feels guilty for leaving her family when Anika needs help.

Going on trips with Be Free Young Carers has given Safia the chance to do something different and socialise with other teens. Safia spoke to our Support Workers who recommended some great self-help apps that keep Saifa calm when everything gets too frustrating.

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Connor, 10 years old

Connor lives with his mum and dad. Connor’s mum has severe back pain so cannot move around much or for very long. His mum hates this and struggles to keep depression at bay. While at school, Connor worries a lot whether his mum is alright or in pain and wants to go home and check on her constantly. Because of this he can’t focus in school and often gets told off for not paying attention. Connor goes to breakfast and after school club as his dad works and no one else can walk him home. When at home Connor will fetch things and keep mum company. He wants to do more but his dad won’t let him because he’s only 8. He often feels lonely as dad spends a lot of time caring for mum.

Connor took part in Be Free Young Carers befriending program, which has taken the pressure of his parents and given Connor someone he can talk to about his worries. He can’t wait for each befriending meet up, where him and a trained volunteer befriender go out somewhere different, like the park to play football, something Connor wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.  

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These are examples of our Young Carers, we have however changed details to protect their identity; they demonstrate what we see on a daily basis.