Our CEO Sabiene North with HRH Princess Anne at UK Youth Conference. Photo credit – Teri Pengilley, 2022

Be Free Young Carers is the only independent charity in Oxfordshire working exclusively with young carers. We support them by widening their life options and improving their emotional and social health, resilience and development because we passionately believe they can be free to fulfil their adult potential unhindered by their childhood responsibilities.

We have been operating for more than 28 years across Southern Oxfordshire, throughout South Oxfordshire, the Vale of White Horse Districts and have recently expanded in Oxford City.

We offer support and advice dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of young carers. We are currently the only specialist charity supporting children and young people aged 8 – 17 years old with a caring role in Oxfordshire.

We provide advice and guidance, offer befriending and peer support, enabling young carers to meet socialise and have fun, increasing their self-confidence and improving their mental well-being. We work with local schools to educate and offer guidance from referrals to respite opportunities.

We are a not for profit charity and not government funded, relying solely on your donations and fundraising efforts to carry on our amazing work for young carers.

We are Caring

We put the well-being of our young carers at the heart of everything we do, and constantly strive to improve the opportunities for them to fulfil their potential.

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We are Ambitious

We do not stand still. We innovate and continuously expand our reach to help as many young carers as we can.

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We are Independant

We empower ourselves to use our expertise, values and compassion to allow Be Free Young Carers to develop as it needs to ensure we can help as many young carers as possible.

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We are Unique

We are the only charity in Oxfordshire solely for young carers, and we accept this responsibility with kindness and passion to protect their well-being and improve their opportunities to achieve.

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