"BEFREEYC has been very supportive to my son, he has grown in confidence..."

BE FREE YC operates across Southern Oxfordshire. We offer support and advice dedicated to improving the lives and well being of young carers.

We are helping young carers by:

Providing advice and guidance on caring issues

Offering access to mentoring and peer support

Enabling young carers to meet, socialise and have fun

Increasing the self confidence of young carers

We Believe:

We must invest in young carers. The practical, educational, emotional and social support that Be Free YC provides to young carers in Oxfordshire can help off–set the disproportionate impact that the challenges and demands of caring has on their lives.

Our Ambition:

Young people hold the biggest potential contribution to the caring community, its future wealth and well-being. We aim to unlock this potential by providing young carers with the support that lets them invest in their own lives first.